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This is the The Virtual Successor to Into The Vortex, it runs on the same engine, but has better graphics and more bells and whistles.
If I can get to the $45 dollar goal, I will take the time to hash out a new  resource in the game.
It will be used to power the health shields, and other useful things I will develop for the game in future updates.

"A laborer is worthy of his hire"- Paul of Rome.

Into The Vortex 2

is a classic space rts with a lot of twists and a sharp learning curve.


in another time, (or is it right now?..) 2 races of space faring aliens fight among the stars. You play the race who is far away, in another area-
you order ships and resources from home. Rocks are transported nearby that are useful but too far from home to be sent by the local miners, and civilian ships gather the ores and gasses into your transporters from the more local resource drop off areas.
Things are going good until about 5 to 15 seconds in...
You had found the perfect site to teleport your goods to homeland, but it's claimed by your enemy who is ruthless and never ending.... time for a counter offensive.
Quickly, before we are overwhelmed!

Infinite Play
Different map every time!
just frickin' fun!

the enemy breaks up rocks and mines them right here, so don't let them acquire too many resources without upgrading your capabilities...

I would love to hear from you!


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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My stupid AVG anti-virus didn't like it and had to disable it to play.  After that the concept and game play was definitely worth showing off to my students this fall :)  The learning curve is a bit much for me but definitely right up my hard-core gamer students alley.

Deleted 159 days ago

Dude, thank you! I waned in an older game with the same engine, that it has a sharp learning curve. Thanks so much for the feedback!